ASP.NET Tutorial: Collection expressions in C# 12.0

Collection expressions are a brand-new feature in C# 12.0. Many of us are familiar with generic collections and have knowledge about collections. We know that there are several varieties of collections, such as arrays, lists, and so on. Until C# 11.0, distinct collections utilized different initialization syntaxes.

Let us go over the old syntaxes that will be revised for us. Arrays and lists will be demonstrated in this post. Arrays are one of the collections that we frequently employ in a variety of situations. I’ll investigate several array initialization methods.

Arrays were initialized in various ways in the preceding code before C# 11.0. We may use the same initialization method in C# 12.0. However, the new version introduced a different method of setup.

Similarly, will have to examine the list’s initialization in the traditional manner.

In C# 12.0, we may use the same syntax for Lists as well as array initialization.

Add new syntaxes to the mix. When working with collections, we may also make extensive use of the spread operator. The Spread operator will assist us in appending a new collection to the existing one. With simple syntax, we can also add new values to the collection.

Let me explain the preceding lines. With the spread operator, two more components are added to one list. Assign array values to the target list after appending list values. In between the lists, insert elements, append lists, and arrays, and assign them to a single target list.

This allows us to perform many collection initializations using the same syntax, i.e. collection expressions.

In the above manner, we can iterate through lists and arrays using our regular for and foreach loops.

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