Recommended Umbraco Hosting with FREE SQL Server Database

Recommended Umbraco Hosting with FREE SQL Server Database

Umbraco is a CMS based on Microsoft ASP.NET, built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, designed to fit the needs of each site user including editors, designers and developers. This application offers full content versioning with rollback, advanced role based security, Microsoft Word style WYSIWYG editor, digital asset management and a flexible notification system. Umbraco is easy to use, simple to understand, and is highly extensible using industry-standard languages and patterns such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, and C#.

Umbraco is a friendly, open-source CMS on Microsoft’s popular .NET framework. Umbraco is also growing fast. Built to scale and flex to the needs of web managers and content editors, Umbraco may be the content management system you’ve been looking for.

FREE Umbraco Hosting with SQL Server Database

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Umbraco is already tested and trusted

More than 258,000 sites run with Umbraco, including Red Bull, Heinz and Tesco. Launched in 2005, Umbraco is the brainchild of Danish developer Niels Hartvig: today it is one of the most deployed content management systems on the Microsoft web stack, and among the ten most popular open-source tools globally.

Umbraco flexes to suit every size

Umbraco can be used to create and implement every feature you may need. It’s infinitely flexible, which is why companies large and small recognise its potential. They rely on Umbraco because although it’s open-source, it has the solid foundations of .NET, and one of the most accessible and intuitive interfaces you can find.

Umbraco has evolved into a successful ecosystem

Umbraco 7 was released in November 2013. Umbraco has long prided itself as being ‘The Friendly CMS’, and a focus on improving the editing experience, as well as the ongoing expansion of the entire ecosystem, has set that reputation in stone.

The world of the Internet changes rapidly. Mobile Internet and the proliferation of platforms are creating a need for flexibility, and new suites of functions. With Umbraco, there are no default templates that lock you in to a me-too site: Umbraco sites are unrestricted in scope, giving you exactly what you need in function and form.

Umbraco is swift to adopt and use every day

Umbraco Gold Partner LogoAs one of the leading Umbraco Gold Partners in the UK, we use Umbraco 7 to build secure sites that are a pleasure to maintain and manage. We’ve been working with financial, professional services and technology companies that require safe, scalable and feature-rich sites: clients consistently tell us how easy it is to adopt and manage their Umbraco system.

Flexibility, enterprise-level infrastructure and ease of use. That’s not just friendly: it’s a future-proof CMS.

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