Data Access with Dapper.NET

Regardless of the scale of the project, efficient data access is critical in software development. Maintaining performance and scalability requires proper handling of database interactions. Dapper.NET is a lightweight Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for.NET applications that streamlines data access. We’ll present practical examples in this article to help you understand Dapper.NET and how it can help you optimize your data access code.

Introducing Dapper.NET

Dapper.NET, created by the Stack Overflow team, aims to offer speedy and efficient data access for .NET applications. Unlike certain ORM frameworks, Dapper.NET values straightforwardness and optimal performance. Before we delve into examples, let’s take a closer look at some of its essential features.

Key Features of Dapper.NET

  • Speed: Dapper.NET’s emphasis on performance sets it apart from numerous other ORM frameworks, making it significantly faster.
  • Lightweight: The design of the framework is minimalist, which helps to reduce complexity and overhead.
  • Raw SQL Support: With Dapper.NET, you can create and run unprocessed SQL queries.
  • Object Mapping: The tool maps query results to .NET objects automatically, minimizing the need for manual data manipulation.
  • Dynamic Parameters: Dapper.NET enables the use of parameterized queries to enhance security and efficiency.
  • Multiple Result Sets: The system can effortlessly manage requests that produce multiple sets of results.
  • Stored Procedure Support: Stored procedures are compatible with Dapper.NET.

Getting Started with Dapper.NET: Examples 

To better understand how Dapper.NET can make data access easier, let’s explore some practical examples.

Example 1. Basic Query

Suppose we have a simple database table named Products with columns ProductId, ProductName, and Price. We want to retrieve all products from the database.

  1. Install Dapper: Install the Dapper package via NuGet.
  2. Create Connection: Establish a connection to your database. For this example, we’ll use SQL Server.
  3. Write Query and Retrieve Data:

Example 2. Parameterized Query

Let’s retrieve products within a certain price range using a parameterized query.

Example 3. Working with Stored Procedures

Dapper.NET shines when it comes to interacting with stored procedures. Suppose we have a stored procedure named GetProductsByCategory that retrieves products based on a given category.


As a developer, you can benefit from Dapper.NET, which is a lightweight and efficient solution for data access. It provides a performance-oriented approach and supports raw SQL queries and stored procedures, making it an excellent tool in your .NET development toolbox.

In this article, we will explore practical examples of using Dapper.NET, including basic queries, parameterized queries, and working with stored procedures. By embracing Dapper.NET’s simplicity and performance, you can optimize your data access code, resulting in more efficient and maintainable applications.

Regardless of the size of your project, Dapper.NET’s ability to streamline data access will have a positive impact on your development workflow. Try it out and see for yourself how Dapper.NET simplifies the journey from database to application.

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