Four Indications That Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

There are numerous reasons why a malicious actor may wish to infiltrate your WordPress site. The majority require secrecy. If you discover the assailants, they lose their advantage and will work diligently to conceal their presence. You will be blissfully oblivious as your users are exposed to malware, and their data is stolen.

Cybercriminals design malware to conceal its effects from WordPress administrators. If you are logged in, everything will appear flawless, and even a close inspection will not reveal a problem.

Ideally, your website should never be compromised in the first instance. However, the Internet is a dangerous realm, and every website, WordPress or not, is susceptible to online crime. It is less likely that your WordPress site will be hacked if you diligently update and take fundamental security precautions, but it is still possible.

If your website has been compromised, you want to know immediately. But will you be the last to know, or will you proactively monitor the security of your website?

Google Informs You

Google informs many WordPress site proprietors that their website has been compromised. Google is proficient at identifying compromised websites and alerting its users. If Google discovers malware on your site, it will warn users on search engine results pages, display a prominent warning in the Chrome browser, and may remove the site entirely from search results.

If Google has taken action against your site for security reasons, they will notify you via the Security Issues panel in Google Search Console.

Your Website Is Moving At A Snail’s Pace.

Exploiting a website’s resources is one motivation for hacking it. Hackers can utilize WordPress websites’ bandwidth and computing capacity for DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, cryptocurrency mining, and other mischief.

If a WordPress website’s resources are hijacked, rendering pages to legitimate users may be impossible.

Weird Search Listings
In recent years, SEO spam has emerged as a significant issue. Criminals seize control of a WordPress site and insert code that injects their content and links, frequently to sites they wish to promote. Google can view this additional content, but neither you nor your users can. SEO spam can damage your site’s reputation with users and Google, lowering its search engine rankings and harming its reputation.

Virus Scanning

You may have observed that the three indicators we have examined thus far are neither reliable nor desirable. No one wishes to discover that a user has hacked their WordPress site or that their search referrals have plummeted. Malware scanning enables you to regain control and rapidly determine if an attacker has injected malicious code or added malicious files to your WordPress installation.

WordFence and Sucuri are among the many reliable WordPress plugins with malware-scanning capabilities. The finest WordPress hosting providers will conduct periodic malware scans as part of their service.

If you take standard WordPress precautions, it is unlikely that your site will be compromised and infected with malware. However, I recommend that all WordPress site owners conduct routine malware scans: it is preferable to be safe than sorry.

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