HostForLIFEASP.NET VS Webhosting UK : Who Offers the Better Windows Hosting Service?

With the support of the latest high technologies, both HostForLIFEASP.NET and Webhosting UK are reliable and cost-effective hosting providers who have high reputation in this market. The two companies offer a series of Shared Windows hosting solutions in UK, such as shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Generally speaking, it’s not an easy task for readers who don’t have much knowledge about this field to distinguish the differences between the two web hosts.

HostForLIFEASP.NET VS Webhosting UK :  Who Offers the Better Windows Hosting Service?


HostForLIFEASP.NET is the best UK Windows & ASP.NET Hosting provider that offers the most affordable world class Windows hosting solutions for their customers. They provide shared, reseller, cloud, and dedicated web hosting. HostForLIFEASP.NET is the best UK Windows Hosting provider that offers the most affordable world class windows hosting solutions for their customers. They provide shared, reseller, cloud, and dedicated web hosting. They currently operate servers in four prestiguous cities in Europe, namely: London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris (France).


Using industry-standard web environments with the latest stable technologies like Server 2012, Internet Information Services 8, SQL 2012, ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET 4.5.2 and ASP.NET 5. Using powerful Dell servers that are beefy enough to service the requirements of their customers. Their servers use 64 bit software, are dual quad-core, have at least 16 GB RAM, and have RAID 10 disk arrays. They don’t skimp on their servers because HostForLIFEASP.NET believe you deserve better.

They hired an army of the very best technicians, managers and web hosting gurus. That means clear, professional support, fast. Their team are standing by to respond to your queries around the clock, big or small, and they’ll be there for you – 24×7, 365 days a year. You can contact them via all standard communication channels by e-mail, through the ticketing system, or via an online form – should you have any pre-sales questions.

Webhosting UK

Webhosting UK’s Windows Web Hosting solutions provide users the capability of hosting websites using the ever-popular Windows operating system and technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET infrastructure, AJAX along with MS SQL, MS Access and ODBC database connectivity. They offer Windows plesk control panel with their shared windows web hosting packages which has all the useful resources necessary for the creation and maintenance of your websites.


Their friendly and knowledgeable support and sales teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer any queries you may have. With Windows shared hosting, you can focus exclusively on your website or online business. All aspects of server maintenance and security are handled by their own technicians – leaving you free from having to worry about server software and security.

After collecting their real customer reviews all over the world, we made an overall comparison as below:

Hosting Performance Comparison

As both of the 2 companies claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed averages less than 1 second, we have carried out a performance testing for almost three months to test their reliability and speed in the real world. Note that the 2 tested websites are newly-launched ones, coming with the same content and script. According to the result, only HostForLIFEASP.NET has fully kept its promise to achieve an almost 100% uptime.

Price Comparison

As compared with many other web hosting solutions available on the web, both HostForLIFEASP.NET and Webhosting UK offer affordable Windows Shared hosting in UK service with beneficial discount. If we have to pick the cheaper one, HostForLIFEASP.NET wins little over Webhosting UK.Check the detailed price in the following picture:

HostForLIFEASP.NET Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting


WHUK price
Webhosting UK Windows Hosting packages

Both of the 2 web hosts provide the money back guarantee to ensure risk-free and worry-free purchase.

Team Support

In terms of technical support, both HostForLIFEASP.NET and Webhosting UK provide timely and professional customer assistance through support ticket, live chat and email. The technical staffs who have rich experience in this industry will help you fix issues 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Still, there are some relevant information you can get from their FAQs and knowledgebases. Such information is important for you to have an overall impression about the common problems and even you can solve simple technical problems by yourself.

team support

Conclusion – HostForLIFEASP.NET Offers the Better Windows Hosting Service

The conclusion is clear here after above comparison: HostForLIFEASP.NET Windows hosting with advanced ASP.NET technologies, affordable pricing, great performance and convenient support defeats Webhosting UK product. Therefore, our final recommendation between the two companies is naturally HostForLIFEASP.NET.


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