RestSharp vs Refit Library

Developers have various alternatives when it comes to using RESTful APIs in C# and ASP.NET Core apps. RestSharp and Refit are two prominent libraries that make it easier to make API requests. Both libraries strive to give a more simple and natural method to interface with APIs, but their techniques and functionality differ. In this post, we’ll compare RestSharp with Refit, highlighting their differences and similarities and providing examples to help you decide which one is better for your project.

RestSharp: Making REST API Calls Easier

RestSharp is a popular open-source framework that makes it easier to make API queries in.NET applications. It provides a natural interface for creating HTTP requests and responding to them. RestSharp is well-known for its simplicity and adaptability.
RestSharp Illustration

Step 1: Download and install RestSharp from the NuGet Package Manager Console.

Step 2. Create a class to handle API requests using RestSharp.

In this RestSharp example, we create an ApiService class responsible for making API requests. We construct a RestSharp RestClient with the base API URL and define a method to fetch a specific resource. If the response is successful, the content is returned; otherwise, an exception is thrown.

Refit Example

Step 1. Install Refit via NuGet Package Manager Console.

Step 2. Create an interface to define API endpoints using Refit.

In this Refit example, we define an IApiService interface with the API endpoint’s method signature. Refit generates the relevant HTTP request code automatically. We make use of the RestService. For the method to build an instance of the interface, and then asynchronously call the method to receive the resource content.

RestSharp and Refit Library Comparison and Considerations

  • Ease of Use: RestSharp provides a simple method for creating HTTP requests, making it simple for developers to get started immediately. Refit, on the other hand, provides a more structured and type-safe method that might be beneficial for larger projects with complex APIs.
  • Type safety is provided by Refit by constructing API request methods based on interfaces. This can catch mistakes at compile time, which is something RestSharp lacks.
  • RestSharp provides greater flexibility, allowing developers to design requests in a more dynamic manner. RestSharp may be a better alternative if your API interactions involve a lot of dynamic behavior.
  • Both libraries have strong communities, although RestSharp has been around for a longer time and has a larger user base. Because of its unique methodology, Refit, which is still relatively new, may have a longer learning curve.
  • Performance: Both libraries are fast and suitable for the majority of applications. For common usage situations, any performance differences are likely to be insignificant.

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