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As numerous webmasters are wondering about whether ASPHostDirectory is an advisable choice for shared hosting, our editors have done an in-depth review based on its features, price, uptime, page loading speed and customers service. We do believe that when finishing reading, they can have an overall impression about this company and its service. Established in 2008, ASPHostDirectory strives to catch up with some reputable hosting providers. In recent years, it is true that this company has made great progress especially in technology.


Site update and module owners planning to update to this release should take note of the following important issues:

  • Important: If you have not already upgraded to Drupal 8.4.x from Drupal 8.3.x or earlier, read the Drupal 8.4.0 release notes before upgrading to 8.5.0. Drupal 8.4 included major version updates for Symfony, jQuery, and jQuery UI and is no longer compatible with older versions of Drush.
  • Drupal 8 will officially drop support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 in one year, on March 7, 2019. In order to give site owners as much notice as possible, users will now see a warning on installation and on the status report page if the host is running a version of PHP older than 7.0. We recommend you plan to update to a host with PHP 7.1 or higher soon, to ensure you have sufficient time to resolve any issues that may impact your Drupal site or other applications. (See the Drupal 8 PHP requirements page for more information on recommended PHP versions.)
  • Symfony has now been updated to version 3.4.5, since Symfony 3.2 no longer receives security coverage. Symfony 3.4 is a long-term support release and we expect Drupal 8 to remain on 3.4 releases until late 2021 or the end of Drupal 8’s support lifetime (whichever comes first).
  • If you have a contributed or custom module that deals with pending revisions or loading different revisions, be aware that new validation was introduced to limit the allowed changes for untranslatable fields. See the related change record about this revision API change for details The release also adds support for translations to be moderated independently.
  • In order to provide secure REST support for file uploads, viewing public files now requires the “access content” permission. This may require changes to automated tests, but should not affect most sites (since “access content” will already typically be granted). Ensure that the “access content” permission is granted to the relevant roles if you have unusual, custom file handling. File download permission is not affected.
  • Migrate field plugins now must specify a source_module and destination_module (a backwards compatibility break). Be sure to update any contributed or custom migration plugins for this change.
  • There are two significant changes to PHPUnit integration:
    • PHPUnit 6 is now used automatically for test environments on PHP 7.2 and higher (because there is no version of PHPUnit that supports both PHP 7.2 and PHP 5.5). PHPUnit 4 is still used by default on PHP 7.1 and below.
    • Test failures are now raised automatically whenever any test executes deprecated code. This can cause existing test suites to begin failing when they passed previously. See the change record on test deprecation handling for details on how to update your tests and workflows.
  • Previously, multi-value base fields in views used incorrect field names, which caused numerous bugs for views data, REST support, etc. and also led to duplicate entries in the Views UI. In 8.5.0, the correct field name is used. Most views should be automatically updated for this change by running update.php, but in rare cases this might break existing custom views. In contrib and custom modules that extend views, overridden base field handlers may need to be updated to use the new (correct) name.
  • Several JavaScript build packages have been updated to their latest versions in Drupal 8.5.0-beta1. Most changes are backwards-compatible, but review the change record for changes that may affect custom JavaScript code.
  • Modules using the EntityListBuilder or ConfigEntityListerBuilder classes to generate administrative interfaces should note that these now add destination parameters to links by default. In most cases this is a UX improvement, but you may want to confirm that any entity forms not using a standard submit action redirect to the correct location.

TOP SALE 35% OFF : Best Drupal 8.5.0 Hosting in UK is the best UK Windows Hosting provider that offers the most affordable world class windows hosting solutions for our customers. They provide shared, reseller, cloud, and dedicated web hosting. ASPHostDirectory has 4 shared web hosting packages named Starter, Economy, Developer and Enterprise. The original price of these 2 hosting plans is starting at £2.99/month, £5.99/month, £8.99/month and £16.99/month. In order to help customers to save more money, this company offers a special promo, which reduces the price down to £1.94/month, £3.89/month, £5.84/month and $£11.04/month.

Besides price, money back guarantee is another concern of customers. This company promises a 30-day money back. However, the money paid for domain name registrations, transfers and renewals are not qualified for the refund policy, which poses risks for customers who have subscribed its packages.

Hosting Performance

The company guarantees 99.9% uptime for all of their hosted websites, which is almost 100% in the real world as we tested. What makes this company achieve such excellent hosting reliability is the utilization of the most robust web servers coming with the world-class specifications instead of some low-quality ones with cheap pricing. Under this circumstance, customers can enjoy running their websites properly and do not worry about any internet break issues and down time.

As this company utilizes the quality server and guarantees no overloaded and oversold servers, it is confident to say that it can provide 99.9% uptime. In addition, if the company fails to keep its promise, customers can request their money back. Besides, the company keeps its page loading speed by using its own datacenter, which is well managed with full-time monitoring and climate control. In order to figure out the real situation about its speed, our editors have carried out a performance test. We set up a new website which is hosted by ASPHostDirectory and as a result, its server response time can be really less than one second.

Technical Support

Customers can get their problems solved through various ways. The company offers suport ticket as well as email. All their staffs are experts who have been well trained. Thus, all the customers can get professional advice from them. Usually, this company is able to give quick and responsive answer to any problems. All of these are on-site 24×7 that makes sure customers can get help in any time to solve their problems.

Besides, the support staffs in this company are well-trained and have been worked in this field for at least 5 years, which means that they are able to provide professional and efficient help for troubled customers to deal with issues. Client’s Testimonial

“Thank you for your excellent service
I’ve only been using Asphostdirectory for a short time now but my impression is very good. Although I have many years of software development experience, I’ve also been retired for several years and have done no development in that time. I volunteered to create a website for a public service effort in our local county. I’m strong on software development concepts but weak on coding skills. With VS 2010, ASP.NET v4.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2 I found a set of technologies that would allow me to be very productive with minimal manual coding. A key technology is Entity Framework (EF) combined with MS Data Controls and membership services. I created a prototype site that used all the MS technologies I needed and then tried to find a hosting service that supported these technologies. Of course, claimed support and actual support can be two different things. After some research, I decided to give asphostdirectory a try. ” — Luis Rodriguez

“Great Windows Hosting Plan and Customer Support
I have used ASPHostDirectory for about 2 years now. The very few times I had to get in touch with them- Transferring my site was easy, email setup a breeze, and best of all there has been NO downtime! Customer service is polite and solved my billing issue promptly. Highly recommended.So thumbs up for customer support. New features are implemented to the Control Panel all the time to keep users updated to the latest option in webhosting.I think is very good value for money.” — Vicente Hernandez

Is ASPHostDirectory Drupal 8.5.0 Hosting Worth Going?

There is no doubt that ASPHostDirectory Drupal 8.5.0 hosting is very competitive and excellent for its unmatched reliability, rich features, and responsive technical support.

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