Using the React JS Framework for SharePoint

SPFx: What is it?

The SharePoint Framework, or SPFx, is utilized in contemporary Node.js and TypeScript programming.

As a reliable and strong collaboration platform that has developed over decades, SharePoint stands out. The SharePoint Framework expands on its capabilities by acting as a page and web part model and providing all-encompassing client-side development support.

Cycle of SharePoint Development

Agricultural Solutions Farm Solutions was the main player in SharePoint development at first, using WSPs and the entire trust code. Although this strategy was very strong and allowed developers to perform a great deal of work within the SharePoint Farm, it also made security upkeep difficult and presented issues during updates.

Sandbox Methods
First appeared as a restricted environment with boundaries around code execution.

App Model Add-Ons

The App Model, which was first included in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013, is built on frame-based integration. There are several disadvantages to this strategy despite its benefits.

Injection of Scripts

involves using the online components for the Content Editor and Script Editor. Although it gives a great deal of control over SharePoint pages, Microsoft does not advise taking this course of action.

No-script Capability

A tenant-wide setting designed to eliminate content editor web parts and scripts from pages.

SharePoint Framework

Microsoft’s custom and supported solution allows the embedding of code within SharePoint sites. This offers a more modern and secure approach to SharePoint development.

Necessary Skills and Tools for SPFx

  • Development using NPM and Node
  • Proficiency in TypeScript
  • Familiarity with the Visual Studio Code Editor
  • React JS (Opting for React JS when developing SPFX web parts)

To manage Node.js installations and versions in relation to supported versions and configurations, you can utilize NVM (Node Version Manager). The site provides information on versions and compatibility.

Once you have reviewed all compatibility and versions, the next step is to install NVM. Below are screenshots illustrating the installation process for your reference.

Absolutely, checking the existing Node.js versions and installing a specific version using NVM involves the following steps.

Check Existing Versions

Run the following command to list the existing Node.js versions installed: nvm list.

This will display the versions currently installed on your system.

Install Node.js

If the version you need is not installed, you can install a specific version using the following command: nvm install 16.20.0

Replace 16.20.0 with the desired Node.js version.

By following these steps, you can check the existing Node.js versions and install a specific version if needed using NVM.

In this article, we introduced the SharePoint Framework and delved into the Node-based tool. The key commands covered include.

  • Use the nvm list to view the existing list of Node.js versions.
  • Execute nvm install “version” to globally update npm to the latest version.

The subsequent article will guide you through the installation process of SharePoint Framework and its associated technologies.

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