Best and Cheap Sitefinity Hosting with FREE SQL Server Database That Offer Realiable Service in UK

Best and Cheap Sitefinity Hosting with FREE SQL Server Database  That Offer Realiable Service in UK

Sitefinity is a Web Content and Experience Management Platform that enables business to engage, convert and retain customers through multiple channels. Sitefinity is the only truly mobile web content management on the market that supports all three mobile strategies out of the box – responsive design, mobile apps and mobile sites. Because it’s built on a modern code-base, Sitefinity is best equipped to meet the long term needs of today’s expanding businesses, including tackling challenges like mobile, ecommerce, multisite management, content personalization, and so much more.

FREE Sitefinity Hosting with SQL Server Database

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Why You Should Use Sitefinity Hosting?


Sitefinity is much easier to use than some of its competition like Joomla and your site admins will have a much easier experience learning the ropes and managing your site. Sitefinity introduces a dynamic Administration Dashboard, a space that gives you total visibility of your site.

Inline editing:

Sitefinity uses editing tools similar to Office so they are easy for anyone to use. You can also manage content and images in the context of the webpage.

Works well with other Microsoft technologies:

Sitefinity is a really good choice if you run a Windows server and if you use many other Windows tools. Sitefinity makes coding nice and easy for those aware of the .NET environment, making for the smooth running of your website operations.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics is tightly integrated into the backend of Sitefinity CMS giving authors access to analytics on visits, duration and unique visits.


Both the presentation and documentation on Sitefinity is professional top-quality and logically organised. You can convert Word documents into PDF on Sitefinity without having to use a third party app. Similarly, video and audio files are stored in the Sitefinity CMS library for you to preview and publish.

Marketo and Salesforce Connector:

Sitefinity has introduced a Marketo connector that enables you to monitor and track your users behaviour and offer them a more personalized online experience. In addition to this, you can also use the Connector for Salesforce which populates your CRM with data so you can further enrich your visitors experience and capture data straight into Salesforce. Customised experiences like this are boosting conversion rates.


It is really easy to import data from other content management systems and data sources.


Online buyers are conscious of sharing their card information online and prefer paying via e-wallets. Sitefinity supports e-wallets as well as one-time credit and debit card payments giving your visitors that piece of mind they need.

Ultimately, Sitefinity is very customizable and user friendly with a collection of great features. It will make content management on your site easy for your users and visitors to your site you will safe.

Anjali Punjab

Anjali Punjab is a freelance writer, blogger, and ghostwriter who develops high-quality content for businesses. She is also a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified and Google Analytics Qualified Professional.

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