Which Hosting Service Should I use for IIS 8.5 in UK ?

Which Hosting Service Should I use for IIS 8.5 in UK ?

What is IIS?

An IIS (Internet Information Server) application is a Visual Basic application that lives on a Web server and responds to requests from the browser. An IIS application uses HTML to present its user interface and uses compiled Visual Basic code to process requests and respond to events in the browser.

Best and Cheap IIS 8.5 Hosting Recommendation

IIS 8.5 Features

Dynamic Website Activation in IIS 8.5

In IIS 8.5, when there are a large number of configured sites (100 or greater, by default), the service will not activate any of the sites when the service is started. Instead, IIS will activate each site only when it receives the first request for the site. This reduces the amount of system resources required by IIS, especially if a large number of the sites are accessed infrequently. The first request to the site will take some time as the site is activated, but subsequent accesses will respond normally.

Enhanced Logging for IIS 8.5

In IIS 8.5, the administrator has the option of logging additional custom fields from request or response headers, or from server variables.

Logging to Event Tracing for Windows in IIS 8.5

In IIS 8.5, the administrator has the option of sending logging information to Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). This option gives the administrator the ability to use standard query tools, or create custom tools, for viewing real-time logging information in ETW. This provides a significant advantage over parsing text-based log files that are not updated in real time.

Best and Cheap IIS 8.5 Hosting Recommendation

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Best and Cheap IIS 8.5 Hosting Recommendation

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