WordPress Hosting Tips: How to Remove Content in Your WordPress using SQL

Like we all know, we will use SQL to replace or remove some content in our WordPress using phpMyAdmin, on this post I’ll show you how To Replace/Remove Content on Your WordPress using SQL. On this trick you’ll access trough phpMyAdmin on your server or using plugin WP-DBManager and you’ll direct access trough WordPress Admin panel.


After you install dB manager or logging into phpMyAdmin, visit Run SQL interface and try the following code:

On this sample, you may remove all content with nofollow on your post content. Please note you’ll multile SQL query too by using this method:
This method will the same thing but multiple queries are executed at the same time. you’ll tweak this code what ever you would like, like replace wordpress.org with wptricks.net, thus all of your content with url’s to wordpress.org are going to be replaced into wptricks.net using this technique:

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